Founder of Iron Bridge

Younes Salahdine served as the Chief Operating Officer of an oncological biotech startup for 5+ years, successfully leading its clinical development. Leveraging his experience as client of multiple Contract Research Organizations (CROs), his vision is to facilitate clinical data generation for pre-revenue biotechs with more flexibility and pricing that aligns with the strategic requirements of startups.

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Our Values


We uphold high ethical standards while prioritizing honesty, directness, and transparency in all of our interactions.


We provide client-focused services and trustworthy data in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


We provide customized services that enable fast and efficient execution of projects, while maintaining high quality and safety standards.


We value our stakeholder relationships and work with them to protect their data and foster medical innovation.

Our Mission

Enabling disruptive medical innovations to provide better patient care to as many people as possible, all over the world.